Our food system is complicated.

It’s constantly evolving and growing. At the same time, people are becoming more focused within their expertise and sectors. Layered on top of that is the unique vocabulary for agriculture and food, by sector, by region and by acronym.

This makes it tough to navigate all things food and farming. Whether you’re working within the food system, or trying to connect with others who aren’t familiar with it. We hear you.

We created Utensil as a tool to help you navigate from farms to kitchens.

Utensil is your toolbox for clear, concise content. Access to subject matter experts. Videos that answer questions to help you build confidence. And training and coaching to get you the results you need, for you and your career.


We have been working in and communicating about food and farming all our lives. It’s our passion and our purpose. We believe feeding people and caring for the planet is important, with so many opportunities for solutions for the future. Many haven’t thought about that or even heard about it yet. We want to elevate the conversations about food and farming.
Utensil.ca is our gift to the food system and anyone who wants to learn more about it to achieve that.


Dig into Utensil.ca for clear, concise and credible content on agriculture and food. This may just be the start to your journey, with lots of connections to other great content, expertise, opportunities to ask questions and more.


Perfect for the busy professional looking to get the information you need when you need it. There’s never a stupid question.  We want you to have everything you need to be comfortable and confident.

NEW – So … Your Client Is A Farmer Training

Our newest training program is all about helping you develop better relationships with your farmer clients and members. Whether you are coming from a sales, government or organization perspective, this training program will help you better understand farm business realities, offer practical tips from farmers themselves, and let you hear from experts that have worked in the industry for many years. Learn more about what this course offers at the So … Your Client Is A Farmer course page.

Dig in with Utensil Training

Utensil Training is the practical, personalized communications training you’ve been looking for, on-demand when you want it. We’ve taken our many years of experience delivering training and workshops to thousands of people in agriculture and food and packaged it up online. Put the online courses to work, and then add in expert coaches to help take your communications to the next level.

Utensil training logo

Dig in with Utensil 101

Your resource centre to the key things you need to know to navigate your work in the food system more effectively. This resource starts with plenty of quick, practical videos and continues with links to many other good credible sources. From the key things to remember when meeting with a new farm family or simply understanding what the difference is between farm and barn types, we’ve got the perfect place for the busy professional to start. New content will be added regularly with input from you!

Dig in with the Utensil Talent Stable

Looking for farm and food-related experts? The Talent Stable is designed to give you the content, context and experience you need to help you achieve your goals.  It includes leading experts on many aspects of the food system. Add some depth to your bench with a technical expert, project team member, speaker or trainer.

Utensil talent stable logo
Utensil talent stable logo

Dig in with the Utensil Guide

The Utensil Guide is the plain language guide to food and farming, from acres to zest! This searchable resource of over 500 terms will help you navigate from farms to kitchen with common and not so common terms and acronyms. This resource will continually be updated with suggestions from you.